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Project under the MOE “Chinese Bridge” Online Group Exchange Program 2022 Approved for the Second Time

  • 2022-10-14
  • 西北政法大学英文版

The Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) of the Ministry of Education has just announced the approved projects under the Chinese Bridge Online Delegation Exchange Program 2022. Our project “A Trip to Xi’an, A Taste of China” is on the list, the second approved project since 2021.


This newly approved project provides two modules, namely Urban Culture in Xi’an plus Language Training and Traditional Chinese Culture, for learners of Chinese from countries along the Silk Road through live and recorded courses. The live language courses in the first module aims to impress students with the charm of Chinese while “showing” them around the cultural and historical attractions in Xi’an; the second module includes nine recorded courses including Traditional Chinese Costume, Chinese Dance, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Tea, The Silk Road and Xi’an, and Stride from Xi’an to “Chang’an”. Students are expected to improve their Chinese, and better understand Chinese traditions and culture.


Last year, our project “Contemporary China and Xi’an” under the Chinese Bridge Online Group Exchange Program 2021 was approved by CLEC for the first time. More than 100 students from Kazakhstan and Thailand completed the project and enjoyed their learning of Chinese culture and traditions. With valuable experience in running the first project, our university is committed to presenting a feast of language and culture over the cloud for overseas passionate learners of Chinese, and striving for breakthroughs in international exchanges and cooperation.

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