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NWUPL Volunteers Attend the Mobilization for the 14th National Games, 11th National Paralympic Games and 8th National Special Olympic Games

  • 2021-06-24
  • 西北政法大学英文版

    On the afternoon of June 11, the mobilization of volunteers for the 14th National Games, 11th China's National Games for Persons with Disabilities, and the 8th China's National Special Olympic Games (hereafter referred to as the Games) at the gymnasium of Northwestern University (Chang’an Campus). Fifty volunteers from our university attended the event as representatives of authorized university volunteers.


    Local officials attended the event: Fang Guanghua, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government; Wang Shanwen, Zhang Junlin, Wang Yong, Executive Deputy Secretaries-General of the Organizing Committee of the Games; Duan Xiaolong, Secretary of the Provincial Communist Youth League Committee; Gao Ling, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education. Responsible persons from various departments of the organizing committee, from volunteer service departments of district-level executive committees, and from the Youth League committees of authorized colleges and universities, and volunteer representatives were present at the meeting as well. Noticeably, representatives of city volunteers and social volunteers were invited to the event for the very first time in history.


    The Volunteer Service Department of the Games awarded flags to the Volunteer Service Corps, 13 Volunteer Service Divisions, and 86 Volunteer Service Groups. Song Bai, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of our university, walked on the stage and took the flag as the representative from Shaanxi higher educational institutions. At the site, volunteers in uniformed outfits held their heads high, and brimmed with youth, showing the spirit of young NWUPLers, and particularly their confidence and determination to serve the grand event.

    Later, 50 volunteers solemnly took the oath: "I volunteer to serve the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games, carry forward the Olympic spirit, practice the concept of volunteer service, do my best, unite and cooperate, serve enthusiastically, win glory for the motherland, add splendor to the National Games, and let our smile become the most endearing signature of the National Games." Loud slogans resounded over the stadium.

    Diverse Competitions for Nationwide Participation, Unified Mission towards Shared Vision, Highly Proud to be Part of the Occasion. Volunteers of our university are scheduled to enter the gymnasiums of Shaanxi Olympic Sports Center and start service later this month. Our volunteers shall demonstrate the spirit of volunteers through their dedication, friendliness, collaboration and progress, and serve the Games with the youth power of NWUPL.

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