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NWUPL Application Information for International Students in 2023

  • 2023-04-17
  • 西北政法大学英文版


I. University Profiles

Northwest University of Political Science and Law (NWUPL) is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an. NWUPL has a disciplinary system featuring legal studies as well as the coordinated development of philosophy, economics, management, and literature. NWUPL is the legal education and research center, and an important base for humanities and social science research, in northwest China. It has been awarded membership to the Legal Alliance among top legal institutes of higher education in China.


II. Programs Introduction

The university will issue graduation certificates to international students who have completed the corresponding training programs within the specified study period and have passed the exams, and the university will award the degree certificates if they meet the requirements of the corresponding degrees.

The university also carries out the Chinese language Program for international students, which lasts for one semester. Students will be issued the certificate of completion after completing the required courses within the study period.


III. Main Majors (Taught in Chinese)

Undergraduates: Law, E-commerce and Law, International Economics and Trade. Program duration: 3-6 years.

Graduate students: law, Economics, Management. Program duration: 2-5 years.

Doctoral students: Law. Program duration: 3-5 years.

For more information about enrollment in other majors at the university, please contact the School of International Education.


IV. Scholarship

1. Xi'an Special Scholarship for the Education and Training Program for 'Five Central Asian Countries' (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan) Students, who will be enrolled to study in one-year language preparatory stage, and to study in 4 years undergraduate stage. The scholarship is full scholarship, also include reimbursement of international travel expenses and living allowance every academic year.

2. Shaanxi San Qin International Student Scholarship and Xian the Belt and Road International Student Scholarship, both  provide living allowance for international students, who can apply according to the conditions after enrolling.

3. University has founded 'the Belt and Road' Excellent  International Student Scholarship, which includes basic scholarship (tuition and accommodation are waived) and living allowance. The living allowance will be awarded according to the students’ overall performance during their study period.


V.Qualifications for Application

1. 18 years old or above, physically and mentally healthy. Students applying for Special Scholarship for the Xi'an 'Five Central Asian Countries' Education and Training Program need to be under the age of 25;

2. Applicants for the undergraduate program and the Chinese language training program must have graduated from high school or above; Students applying for the postgraduate program must have a bachelor’s degree or above; Students applying for the doctoral program must have a master’s degree or above.

3. Applicants should hold a valid passport of a country other than China or a document certifying nationality other than China for at least 4 years (inclusive), and have actually resided in the issuing country of the passport (document certifying nationality) for at least 2 years within the last 4 years (before April 30 of the admission year) (actual residence of 9 months in a year can be counted as one year, based on the entry and exit stamps). Students applying for Special Scholarship for the Xi'an 'Five Central Asian Countries' Education and Training Program need to hold a valid national passport or  nationality certificate of one country from "Five Central Asian Countries".

4. Applicants for the undergraduate program must have passed the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 4; Applicants for the postgraduate and doctoral programs must have passed the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 5; There is no language requirement for applicants of the Chinese Language Program.

5. Applicants should be law-abiding and have no criminal record.


VI. Application Procedure

Complete the NWUPL Application Form for International Students in Chinese or English and send it in PDF form with the following specific application materials to the website, if your application cant be accepted by the system, you can also send all materials to designated email address:

website: nwupl.at0086.cn/student



Application materials include:

1. Original or notarized highest education certificate (recent graduates may first provide a certificate of graduation).

2. Original or notarized transcripts of the highest education, original or notarized certificates of various awards.

3. Transcripts of the new Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) (for degree programs). Applicants for Xi'an 'Five Central Asian Countries' Education and Training Program are required to pass the HSK3 or provide a proof of Chinese learning experience. Applicants for undergraduate program must have a score of 200 or more. Applicants for postgraduate program are required to pass the HSK5 in principle.

4. The first page of valid general passport, all visa pages and passport photo.

5. “FOREIGNER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM” (within the last 4 months).

6. Proof of financial guarantee (proof of parents’ income or bank deposit), original and notarized copy in Chinese.

7. Non-criminal record (within the last 4 months).

8. A letter of recommendation from the university.

9.Self-introduction video about 3 minutes.

10. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors (or equivalent) for postgraduate and doctoral programs.

11. Personal statement (handwritten, including the applicant’s academic or professional interests and background, planned research directions, future career goals, etc.) for postgraduate or doctoral program.

Matters needing attention: 1. Students applying for Special Scholarship for the Xi'an 'Five Central Asian Countries' Education and Training Program also need to fill in the application form of "Special Scholarship Application Form for Xi'an' Five Central Asian Countries' Education and Training Program". 2. Notarized documents in Chinese must be submitted for non-Chines e documents; 3. The above application documents will not be returned regardless of acceptance or rejection; 4. The original documents must be presented upon arrival.


VII. Application Period

From now until May 31, 2023.


VIII.Assessment and Admission

The admission assessment is a combination of material evaluation, written test, interview, and a comprehensive test of students’ academic background, academic level, language ability and status qualification.

The admission results will be notified via telephone or email before August 1st. Admission letters and JW202 Forms will be sent to the final confirmed students afterwards.


 IX.Enrollment Time

The enrollment time for international students is proposed to be in early September, and the specific time is determined by the Notice of Acceptance of International Students of Northwest University of Political Science and Law.


X. Fees

1. Undergraduate tuition fee is RMB 14,000 per year; graduate tuition fee is RMB 18,000 per year; Doctoral tuition fee is RMB 26,000 per year; Advanced Chinese language tuition fee is RMB 8,000 per semester.

2. Accommodation fees are RMB 3,000 per year and RMB 1,500 per semester.

3. Undergraduate textbook fee is approximately RMB 700 per year; graduate and doctoral student textbook fees are approximately RMB 600 per year; Chinese language textbook fee is approximately RMB 300 per semester.

4. Insurance fees are RMB 800 per year and RMB 400 per semester.

5. Residence permit processing fee is RMB 400 per year

6. Medical examination review fee is about RMB 350.


XI. Accommodation

The international students will be accommodated in students’ apartment in Chang’an Campus, which is equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom and shower, in addition to basic living facilities.


XII. Contact Information

Address: No. 558 West Chang’an Street, Chang’an District,Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, P.R.China

School of International Education, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Administration Building B411.

Postal Code: 710122

E-mail: sie@nwupl.edu.cn

Tel & Fax: 0086-29-88182436

Contacts: Miss. Wei, Miss. Peng

Website: www.nwupl.edu.cn



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