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Progress of International Outlook Made on Summer Vacation

  • 2021-09-10
  • 西北政法大学英文版

During the 2021 summer vacation, the Exchange and Cooperation Office engaged in the international work and relevant programs, making progress in talent training and international awareness of teaching staff.

In early July, the Closing Ceremony and Experience Sharing Meeting of Global Governance Online Course were held in Chang'an campus. This was the student course after our university was approved the Innovative Practice for High-Level International Talent Training. Taught by the experts from famous universities such as George Washington University and Edinburgh University, the course included 19 lessons such as exploring the U. N. and its sustainable development goals, international law and globalization under the SDG, sustainable development theory and practice of global economy. The course attracted nearly 200 undergraduate and graduate students and contributed to cultivate high-level international talents with global vision, proficient in foreign languages and international rules.

When finishing the online course, excellent students were invited to an advanced training - International Organization Competency Training Camp. Courses in it were provided by the global training center of the U. N. Institute for Training and Research for 7 days. The training has helped students understand more about the functions and workings of international organizations, enabled them to deal with practical problems with legal knowledge, and laid a solid foundation for them to pursue internship in international organizations.

In late July, students successful completed their legal practice program in an overseas practice base. In order to engage in Belt and Road Initiative, expand our training platform for foreign-related legal talents, we established an overseas practice base at JLPW Law Firm in Malaysia. We selected 10 undergraduate and graduate law students to conduct legal practice from May. Under the guidance of professional lawyers, the students completed tasks such as legal due diligence, online seminar, meeting and discussion with customers, file sorting and legal material translation. Despite carrying out online due to the COVID-19, the program in overseas law firms can cultivate more foreign-related legal talents.

In early August, University Alliance of the Silk Road Online Summer Course was successfully concluded. World-renowned experts and scholars gave lectures about cutting-edge knowledge covering science and technology, history and culture in the form of online live broadcasting + video broadcasting. Teachers and students chose one or more courses according to their own interests, learned on the platform IKCEST UNESCO and completed corresponding tasks. The course lasted for two weeks, with more than 60 teachers and students participating and successfully completing.

In mid-August, the international teacher training was successfully concluded. This online training was taught by professors from privileged universities such as Oxford University, George Washington University and Cornell University. By integrating the global governance talent training of international organizations into the training of teachers, the course covered the theory of global governance, curriculum design and teaching methodology. More than 80 teachers participated in the course. After the course, based on the excellent cases and their own background, some teachers designed course outlines of global governance and presented lectures.

By expanding the international vision in education and introducing high-quality curriculum system, the above programs have played a key role in enhancing teachers and students’ international awareness, and improving teaching skills among teachers.

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