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Enrollment Guide for International Exchange Students (2021)

  • 2021-05-11
  • 西北政法大学英文版

Enrollment Guide for International Exchange Students (2021)

I. Program Introduction

International students are welcomed to study major courses and Chinese language by applying for a one-semester program in the spring or autumn semester according to the agreement between your host university and the Northwest University of Political Science and Law (NWUPL).

II. Application Qualifications

1. The applicant is 18 years old or above and in a sound state of physical and mental health.

2. The applicant is a holder of a valid foreign passport.

III. Application Materials

Fill in the APPLICATION FORM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in standard Chinese or English and send it together with the following documents to sie@nwupl.edu.cn.

1. The recommendation list issued by your university;

2. Certificate of enrollment (including school performance);

3. Transcripts of the school period;

4. Proof of language proficiency

Ø for English-taught programs: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 85 for undergraduate programs and IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 90 for masters degree programs;

Ø for Chinese-taught programs: HSK level 4 for undergraduate programs and HSK level 5 for masters degree programs.

(Not applicable for Chinese language program applicants)

5. First page of a valid ordinary passport, all visa pages and passport photo;

6. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (within the last 4 months);

7. Certificate of No Criminal Convictions (within the last 4 months) and notarized document in Chinese;

8. Financial Support letter (parent's income certificate or deposit certificate) and notarized documents in Chinese.

IV. Application Period

From now until 30 June, 2021

V. Admission Date

You are expected to enroll in early September. The specific time is subject to the Admission Notice for International Students issued by NWUPL. In view of the impact of COVID-19, all accepted applicants must sign the Letter of Commitment to Register with the NWUPL in advance, promising that they won’t come to China without prior permission of NWUPL; the admission will be otherwise disqualified.

VI. Fees

1. Tuition fee: exempted

2. Accommodation fee: RMB 1500 per semester

3. Medical examination review fee: approximately RMB 350

4. Insurance fee: RMB 400 per semester

VII. Accommodation

Student accommodation (Chang'an Campus), double room with air-conditioning, private bathroom and shower facilities.

VIII. Contact the School of International Education

    Address: No. 558 West Chang'an Street, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, 710122, China 

Tel: (86-29)-88182460     E-mail: sie@nwupl.edu.cn


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