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Sharing World-class Courses, Cultivating International Legal Talent

  • 2022-04-13
  • 西北政法大学英文版

To contribute to high-quality Belt and Road cooperation through intensified exchanges and cooperation with overseas universities, NWUPL has reached an agreement with North-West Institute of Management, branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (NWIM RANEPA) in 2021. The two sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in law, economics, management, and other fields of study. The course exchange program initiated by NWIM RANEPA and NWUPL is a fruit of international academic cooperation where NWUPL offers 16 Russian students five English-taught courses including Law of the Sea, International Trade Law, Russian counterpart delivers its renowned mobility program “Modern European Law and International Integration” including Actual Issues of International Law, Intellectual Property Law and European Union law to 50 postgraduate law students of NWUPL. This marks the first successful, systematic import and export of English-taught law courses of NWUPL, which is of great significance and contributes to improved cultivation of future foreign-related lawyers.


On March 2 and 14, NWIM RANEPA and NWUPL held online opening ceremonies respectively. Representatives include Sergei Sergevnin, dean of the Faculty of Law; Georgiy Dorskiy, deputy dean of the Faculty of Law; Natalia Muyzinik, head of the Department of International Cooperation; Evgeniya Chernyavskaya, director of China Cooperation Centre from NWIM RANEPA, and Sang Yuanfeng, director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, dean of the School of International Education; Liu Yajun, dean of the School of International law; Pan Junwu, deputy dean of the School of International law; Ma Cheng, deputy dean of the Graduate School; Chen Mengqi, deputy director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation; Huang Yuanjiang, deputy dean of the School of International Education and all Chinese and Russian students enrolling in the exchange program. 


Prof. Sergevnin hoped that NWIM RANEPA and NWUPL would take the successful launch as a good start and carry out in-depth cooperation. Natalia Muyzinik hoped that the two institutions would continue to expand areas of cooperation and collectively contribute to the training of high-level legal talent. Prof. Liu Yajun highlighted the significance of the exchange program against the background of intensified China-Russia cooperation in international affairs. Chen Mengqi expected all the enrolled students to achieve fruitful results and the mutual cooperation continues to expand. After the opening ceremony, Prof. Pan Junwu and Prof. Orlova delivered the first lesson to Russian and Chinese students respectively.


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