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Ignite Your Passion, Pursue Your Dreams the 42th Track and Field Sports Event Opens

  • 2021-04-22
  • 西北政法大学英文版



    Dance in the breeze, chase your dreams. On April 21, the track-and-field ground witnesses a joyful gathering of teachers and students longing for the opening of the 42th Track and Field Sports Meeting. University Party Secretary Sun Guohua opens the 42th sports event. University President Yang Zongke delivers an opening speech. Executives, members of the university party committee, assistant principal, party secretaries and deans of schools, heads of departments, representatives of the retired officials and teachers, and foreign teachers attend the opening ceremony. 

University Party Secretary Sun Guohua declares the opening of the 42th sports event.

University President Yang Zongke delivers the opening speech.

    The National Flag Guard, referees, teachers and students of each school march into the arena. Students from the School of Economics demonstrate their vigor and spirits through lovely mascot costumes. Students from the School of Administrative Law  add brightness to the field with red silk ribbons waving in the air. Students formations of other schools also impress the audience with loud slogans, neat movements.

President Yang Zongke extends heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers and students dedicated to the preparation of the sports event, and warm greetings and best wishes to coaches, referees and athletes attending the game.

    The president noted that the sports event constitutes a vital part of campus culture, and it embodies how the university properly implements the educational guidelines and carry out moral education as required. The university has been valuing physical education (PE) for long and prioritizes PE in talent training through improving PE facilities, optimizing PE curriculum system, and promoting Sunny Sports. Honorable achievements have been made in sports competition as a reward.

    The president emphasizes the key role PE plays in cultivating all-round builders. High-level PE is indispensable to high-level universities. To foster a modern, high-level PE work system, the NWUPL has optimized PE teacher quality through recruitment and training, improved PE curriculum with more quality options, and ameliorated the institutional mechanism for PE department. Consequently, the systems for teaching, training and competition have been established, quality of PE improved, and effectiveness of education through PE enhanced significantly, paving the way for building NWUPL into a high-level university.

    The president reminds teachers and students to take the event as a great opportunity, participate in sunny sports activities, and jointly foster a favorable environment for physical education featuring cherishing health, passion for sports and a positive mind.

The president also expects that athletes carry forward the Olympic spirit of “Higher, Faster, Stronger”, pursue self-transcendence, and demonstrate their spirit and style.

 Referee Feng Jun take an oath respectively on behalf of athletes and referees.


    Dancing Youth by students from the School of Economics takes on the vitality of the youth. Just Dance by the School of Philosophy and Social Development demonstrates a perfect combination of passion, vitality, ease and gracefulness. Drum and Delight from the School of Business present a grand feast for the eye and ear with thundering drum beats and dancing red silk. Young Forever by the School of Criminal Law adds vigor to the sports field through lively dance steps. Ansai Waist Drum by the School of Administrative Law shows the style and features of life in northern Shaanxi with unrestrained steps and imposing chants. This lively demonstration of local laborers push the atmosphere to a new high. 

    The faculty gymnastics competition begins right after students performance show. Teachers and students are committed to carrying forward the traditions of the “Yan’an University” (predecessor of NWUPL), particularly its honored passion for sports, to strive to surpass themselves with excellence in sports competitions.

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