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The Undergraduate Education Meeting was Held in Northwest University of Political Science and Law

  • 2018-12-20

To accelerate the construction of higher-level undergraduate education, the undergraduate education meeting was held in Star Lecture Hall on Chang’an campus, hosted by Zhao Jian, Associate Secretary of the University Party Committee, in November 30th. Above 500 faculty members attended the meeting, including representatives of elderly retired professors, leaders of the University, members of the academic committee of the University, Chang’an scholars, teaching excellence award holders, moral award holders, administrative leaders, representatives of teaching staff and alumni.

Song Jue, Secretary of the University Party Committee, delivered a report on building higher-level undergraduate education. In the report, he elaborated the new concept of education by President Xi Jinping, specified principles for enhancing talent cultivation and emphasized that to improve the quality of undergraduate education, a cultivating system involving every party concerned should be built in which teachers are guided to facilitate learning while students are encouraged to work diligently.

President Yang Zongke reviewed the 60-year history of undergraduate education in the University and analyzed the new challenges we’ve faced in the new era. Accordingly, he specified the principal objectives and tasks of building higher-level undergraduate education, emphasized on the importance of moral construction in faculties. In addition, he pointed out the significance of improving teacher evaluation and student academic evaluation mechanism and upgrading the talent cultivating system.

Wang Jian, Vice President, illustrated implementation plan for accelerating the construction of higher-level undergraduate education. In response, all the attendees discussed in groups and proposed constructive suggestions for undergraduate education. Leaders and alumni from School of Economics, School of Journalism and Communications, School of Business delivered speeches on implementation of core guidelines proposed by national education conference, promoting teaching innovation and curriculum design, upgrading system for cultivating outstanding talents respectively.

Lastly, Zhao Jian, Associate Secretary of the University Party Committee, proposed specific procedures and requirements for putting into practice the guidelines of the meeting.

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