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  • 2019-01-09

On behalf of the university party committee and administration, we would like to extend New Year’s greetings to all the teachers and students, to express cordial regards to the retired comrades, and to convey heartfelt thanks to leaders, alumni and other friends from all circles! The year of 2018 saw the fortieth anniversary of the reform and opening up, and the sixtieth anniversary of the opening of undergraduate education in this university. Having been through all these years, we shall never forget where we started.

In the past year, the university insisted on the guideline of building on talent, and has achieved a major breakthrough in the development of personnel. Solid foundation has been laid to meet the basic requirements for doctoral degree granting unit, and the number of full-time teachers exceeded 1,000. The atmosphere of accentuating teacher’s morality and enthusiasm for education was more intense. We held the 34th Teacher’s Day awarding ceremony, and established and presented the “Giant Star” academic contribution award, creating anambience of respect for teachers.

In the past year, the university improved quality and efficiency in an all-round way, and achieved remarkable results in teaching and scientific research. Constant efforts were put in for holding the undergraduate education conference and improving the training program for postgraduates. We won 5 awards for outstanding teaching achievements in Shaanxi Province in 2017, organized the Second Culture Season of Rule of Law, and took the lead in launching the theme activities of Constitutional Culture Week. Students scored proud results in the 16th “Philosophy of Law” National College Moot Court Competition and other academic and sports events. The Legal Service Center of Student Societies was awarded “Top 100 Student Societies” in Chinese universities. Through active promotion of scientific research and innovation, 18 projects have been approved by the National Social Science Fund, and a Social Science Association has been established in the university. 6 teachers have been selected as the fifth “Top 10 Excellent Young and Middle-aged Jurists in Shaanxi Province”. The number of provincial research platforms has increased to 5, and the construction of new think tanks has yield remarkable results.

In the past year, the university deepened comprehensive reform and carried out pragmatic innovation in management and service. A number of key teaching facilities and experimental centers have been built, such as the Wisdom Teaching Demonstration Center, the Network Center Core Room and the Law Experimental Training Center. In cooperation with government organs such as the Sixth Circuit Court of the Supreme People’s Court and the Xinjiang Political and Legal Commission, we have actively participated in national and local legislation, as well as poverty alleviation in Shanyang County of Shaanxi Province. The open space for educational and international cooperation and exchanges have also been expanded in a substantial range. We held the Fifth Cross-Strait Law and Culture Festival, and enrolled 57 foreign students, the highest in all years. The university has made new strides in serving the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the economic and social development of Shaanxi Province.

In the coming year 2019, the university will continue to do solid work and forge ahead so as to further promote high-quality development and bring our undertakings to a new level! Wish you all a happy new year!

Song Jue

Party Secretary of Northwest University of Political Science and Law

Yang Zongke

President of Northwest University of Political Science and Law

December 29, 2018

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