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Northwest University of Political Science and Law holds a Spring Job Fair for 2019 Graduates

  • 2019-04-10

On March 31, a spring job fair co-hosted by Xi’an Personnel Service Center and Chang'an District Talent Center was held by Northwest University of Political Science and Law at the Chang’an campus. 300 employing units from all over the country came to recruit graduates, providing nearly 4600 jobs, attracting more than 3000 graduates from inside and outside the university. Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Jian, Vice President Zhang Junzheng, Deputy Director of Xi’an Personnel Service Center Song Xiaoqiang, and persons in charges of the Student Department, the Recruitment and Employment Center and different schools came to the scene to understand in detail the needs of the employing units and the employment situation of graduates.

In order to provide high-quality, efficient and accurate campus recruitment fairs for graduates, the university reached contacts with talent exchange centers in Xi’an city and Chang’an district, published news extensively, and actively invited high-quality employers to participate in the job fair by making full use of the network, newspapers, Wechat and other media. To ensure the effectiveness of the recruitment fair, the university held two coordination meetings on publicity and mobilization, student organization, security plans, venue arrangements and other work, and worked out detailed plans and arrangements. The Recruitment and Employment Center, the Security Department, the Publicity Department, the Educational Administration Department, and all schools also performed their duties and took the initiative to put their responsibilities in place, thus ensuring the safety, stability, thrift, thoughtfulness and efficiency of the recruitment fair.

Many employing units participated in this job fair, covering a wide range of industries. Job requirements include various majors such as law, finance, economics, management, marketing, and foreign languages. In order to improve the effect of two-way selection, all schools fully mobilized tutors, administrative cadres and faculties to guide graduates to prepare in advance through “one-on-one” conversation on the basis of full knowledge of the employing units and recruitment requirements. On the scene, teachers lead their teams to actively understand the recruitment needs and apply for vacancies.

The recruitment fair were crowded with jobseekers who busied with searching information about job requirements, remuneration and career development in front of the booths of various units. Recruitment officers made detailed introduction to graduates on the status quo, requirements and future development of employing units. Many units have recruited graduates from our university for several years in that our graduates are equipped with high professional quality, strong adaptability and hardworking character. These students can flexibly apply the knowledge and skills learned at the university to practical work. The employing units are willing to continue to recruit graduates from our university.

Since the beginning of the employment of 2019 graduates, the employment departments of the university have carried out continuing recruitment activities on a daily basis according to the intention of graduates and the recruiting habits of employers. Up to now, 240 employment activities and 3 large job fairs have been held in the university in order to provide more comprehensive and abundant employment information for graduates and to promote full employment of graduates.

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