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Three Teams Led by Professor Qian Jinyu, Fu Yuming and Qiu Zhaoji Were Praised as Youth Innovation Team

  • 2019-04-22

In order to thoroughly implement the “Shaanxi Provincial Medium and Long Range Talent Development Plan (2010-2020)” promulgated by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and the “Opinions on the Deepening of Reform and Promotion of Higher Education Culture (2014-2020)” and “Opinions on the Implementation of Building ‘First-class Universities, First-class Disciplines, First-class Colleges and First-class Majors’” issued by the General Offices of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education worked out the Shaanxi Youth Innovation Team program.

With a limitation to the maximum number of candidates, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education has accepted the application materials of 175 teams from 47 universities. As a unit of ‘First-class Discipline’ construction in Shaanxi, Northwest University of Political Science and Law nominated four teams.

After formal review, expert review and the deliberation at the 3rd conference of Provincial Department of Education in 2019, a total of 93 were designated as Shaanxi Youth Innovation Team, including the Contemporary Value of Pre-Qin Legalism and Qin Culture Team led by Professor Qian Jinyu, the Criminal Law Innovation of Social Governance in Northwest China with Big Data Team led by Professor Fu Yuming, and the Marxist Philosophy of Law Team led by Professor Qiu Zhaoji.

The Shaanxi Youth Innovation Team program, focused on key research fields and the orientation of key disciplines of the province and the country, aims to cultivate a group of young innovative teams with outstanding moral quality, excellent academic performance, remarkable innovative ability, and enormous potential, on the basis of key scientific research platform and base. It is targeted at uniting eminent talent so as to produce tremendous team effect and energy for promoting the four “First-class” construction and fostering higher education culture. Each Youth Innovation Team serves a term of four years.

The university will provide satisfactory scientific research conditions in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations on Shaanxi Youth Innovation Teams”, fully supplying the needs of the selected teams for financial, human, and material resources to ensure the smooth implementation of the program.

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