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Opening Ceremony of the 10th Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week and Legal Education High-Quality Development Forum Held Successflully

  • 2023-10-17
  • 西北政法大学英文版

The opening ceremony of the 10th Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week was held on October 16th at Chang’an Campus in Northwest University of Political Science and Law. Wang Zhengjun, deputy director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, and Shen Xuefeng, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Education Department attended. President Fan Jiuli met with experts from Taiwan universities, and vice-president Wang Jian addressed the attendees. A total of 100 representatives including 40 student and teacher representatives from Law Faculty of Soochow University, Taipei University, Shih Hsin University, Chung Cheng University, Ming Chuan University, and Fu Jen Catholic University and representatives from Northwest University of Political Science and Law were present at the ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Wang Zhengjun and Shen Xuefeng presented to Taiwan universities the crystal medals of the 10th Anniversary of the Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week, and reviewed the unremitting efforts made by law professors and experts within the ten years in deepening exchanges and practical cooperation, encouraging personnel exchanges, enhancing mutual trust and win-win cooperation, and enriching vision on the overall development.  


President Fan Jiuli said, the Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week has been a crucial platform for the academic law community and young scholar, the university will further increase exchanges and dialogue and deepen the communication in all aspects such as cooperative cultivation, scholarly visiting, and research programs to promote the high-quality development for both sides.


Vice-president Wang Jian said, the university has always attached great importance to academic exchanges and enhancing legal cooperation between both sides. The Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week plays its key role with young scholars of both sides as the participants, promoters, and pioneers, making contributions to the research work and fostering a culture of socialist rule of law.


Prof. Li Gongqin, vice-president of Shih Hsin University said, it is hoped that the Legal Culture Week can promote communication and enhance connectivity. Prof. Zheng Guanyu, president of School of Law of Soochow University said, individuals involved in various activities can better learn the development of law discipline and legal culture in Xi’an, share research work, expertise, and wisdom. Prof. Chen Chunsheng, former vice-president of Taipei University said, by communication between experts and scholars in academia and judicial departments of both sides, it can facilitate mutual understanding and foster legal commonality.


The 10th Cross-Strait Legal Culture Week will be held during October 16th to 21st in Northwest University of Political Science and Law. Various activities will be scheduled, including academic lectures by Taiwan law experts and scholars.


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