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Admission Information for Master Degree-granting Program for International Students

  • 2019-04-25

1. Program Information

   Students are required to complete the curriculum within 3 to 5 years. Successful graduates who fulfill the designated number of credits and satisfy the requirements of the University will receive a graduation certificate along with a master's degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

2. Qualification to Apply: 

1)Healthy Non-Chinese citizen over 18 years old;

2)Bachelor degree or above;

3)Holding a valid Non-Chinese passport for more than four years and having a record of actual residence in the issuing country of the passport for more than two years in the last four years (up to April 30 of the year of admission);

4)Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 5 or above;

5) Comply with discipline and law, no criminal record.

3. Majors for Application(taught in Chinese)

Law, Economics, Management Science

4. Application Procedures:

1)Complete the Application Form for Intentional Students at NWUPL in Chinese or English.

2)Send the application form and the PHOTOCOPY of the required documents to the e-mail address: sie@nwupl.edu.cn

* Documents Required for Admission Application:

1)Original or notarized documents of bachelor degree (graduating students could provide the graduation certificate);

2)Original or notarized documents of complete academic transcripts during undergraduate studies, and Original or notarized documents of awards and certificates;

3)Two recommendation letters. The referees should be professors or associate professor or persons with relevant academic title;

4)Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 5 or above;

5)Valid General Passport Home Page, All Visa Pages and Passport Photos;


7)Evidence of financial circumstances (proof of parents’ income or bank statements);

8)Police certificate of having no criminal record.

Please note that (1) for non-Chinese materials, notarized documents of Chinese version are required,(2) the application materials will not be returned whether the applicant is admitted or not,and that (3) Original documents should be presented on enrollment.

5. Application Date

Before June 20th, 2019

6. Admission Date

Early September, 2019. Please refer to the Admission Notice for International Students at NWUPL for exact time of admission.

7. Fees

1)Tuition fees: 18000 RMB per year

2)Accommodation fees: 3000 RMB per year

3)Textbook cost: 600 RMB per year

4)Residence Permit application fees: 400 RMB per year

5)Insurance fees: 800 RMB per year

6)Freshmen Enrolment Physical Examinations fees: 350 RMB

8. Scholarships

The University offers "Belt and Road" Scholarship for International Students, which includes basic scholarship(total waiver of tuition fees, accommodation fees, insurance fees and textbook cost) and living allowance. Students can apply according to personal conditions, and will be informed of the application results together with the Admission Notice.

9. Accommodation

Students will be arranged in double-person dorms in the student halls of residence in Chang’an Campus with private bathroom, shower and air-conditioner

10. Contact


B411, Administrative Building, School of International Education

Northwest University of Political Science and Law(Chang’an campus)

Xi Chang’an street 558, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Postcode: 710122

E-mail:  sie@nwupl.edu.cn

Tel & Fax: 0086-29-88182436

Coordinator: Miss Jia,  Miss Peng

Website: www.nwupl.edu.cn

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